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As part of the Strategic Plan, ASTRID will focus on drawing investments to and developing the ecosystem for 5 technology focus areas, in close collaboration with all relevant partner:

We support startups at eye level


As part of the FIWARE Accelerator, we offer various free coaching programs for young B2B startups. Our core activity, however, is our Company Building Program: We accompany and support start-ups as co-founders - even over several years - in their development. We could also participate directly in the respective startups.


What they say about us

In close collaboration with relevant technology partners, the initiative seeks to secure a set of key enablers to nurture an attractive Open Source ecosystem for targeted investments, for instance, talent, infrastructure, R&D institutions and platforms, incentives and funding, networks, broadband access and liveability


A joint initiative between Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM

the ASTRID iHub aims to turn the region into a preferred investment iHub for technology companies, while also reaffirming North Germany as a premier ICT location.