We are pleased that with the support of the first FIWARE Cybersecurity Day.

Cornelio is the development lead and we bring the IOT cybersecurity experts and and other folks here to help shepherd the project along.
FIWARE has helped us not only with the project execution, but also putting us in touch with some of our non-traditional partners.

The technologies that we’re using right now are opensource off the shelf technologies such as FIWARE, and also WOBCOM own development device.

So the combination of these two data streams that come off the watch and come off the ring basically flow through applications up to a cloud based service that WOBCOM has, and this is where the rate algorithm resides. So those data streams flow from the devices up through that cloud architecture. And then the algorithm is operated by the pillar of cloud.

Cornelio Hopmann talking about the project

A heartfelt “thank you” goes to all the members of the Project GUARD who carried out their duties with enthusiasm and competence.